Where ideas drive the future.

We now do more than design.

GWI welcomes back-end web development!

The beauty of the user experience goes beyond the looks of a website. The functionality that takes place behind the scenes is the essence of bringing practicality, simplicity, and aesthetics together.


We're nothing without them.

Why ideas drive our work.

Great things begin with ideas.

Imagine yourself back in a time when all the light one could create artificially came from fire. One idea gave us the ability to harness light in ways only once dreamed of. The cultivation of creativity drives the future. GWI wants to drive your future web applications.

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Where we began.

Designing beauty in the web.

We started as designers and became developers.

GWI began as a design firm, focused on creating beautiful and pleasing user experiences. We felt this was the most important key to creating a website that attracted users and clients. Simple, elegant, and practical design inspired us to begin our creative process.

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The next step.

Developing the user experience.

Why we decided to expand our capabilities.

A visually stimulating and pleasing design goes a long way. However, GWI learned that without a smooth user experience, design only got one through the front door. Now, we have focused on creating a user experience that defines beauty in functionality

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